In vitro procedures

  • Radiolabelling
  • ITLC and radio HPLC for QC of labelled materials
  • Stability studies
  • In vitro (tumor) cell binding assays
  • Micronucleus assay
  • Chromosome aberration studies in human, mice, and canine lymphocytes
  • Complementary in-vitro/ex-vivo models
  • Stem cell technology
  • Histopathology
  • Immunhistology

In vivo procedures

Our laboratory has earned the "Certification of Participation in European Society of Veterinary Endocrinology Veterinary Endocrinology External Quality Assurance Scheme". 


  • Animal test’s data are extrapolated in humans, using special softvers (MIRDOSE, OLINDA).
  • Surgical interventions-(veterinary background)
  • Novel surgical methods Have you heard of IKNIFE? It is being tested at GAMMA-VET!
  • Sampling catheterizations
  • Blood vessel- and intestinal ligations
  • Tumor treatment
  • Application of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutricals
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Pharmacokinetic studies
  • Internal dosimetry MTD, MED internal dosimetry calculations
  • Radiotoxicology studies
  • Effectivity studies
  • Immunhistochemical methods

We collect clinical data by measuring:

  • ocular pressure, blood pressure,
  • sperm quality and quantity,
  • urine quantity and quality 
  • routine laboratory data
  • hormone levels

We set up laboratory animal models:

  • Bacterial and sterile arthritis
  • Muscle infections/inflammations
  • Hyperchlolesterinaemia in rabbits
  • Ligated blood vessels, intestines for modelling tissue hypoxia

We give radiopharmaceuticals to test animals by different routes:

  • intravenam
  • per os
  • subcutaneously
  • intratumorally
  • intraarticularly

Gamma-Vet is experienced at performing:

  • Radiation therapy
  • Target toxicological animal studies
  • Comparable bioidentity potency determination pilot studies
  • Potency determination pilot studies
  • Pre-clinical studies
  • Safety and efficacy evaluation in various animal models
  • Complementary in-vitro/ex-vivo model studies